Frequently Asked Questions


What is different between private utility locating services from SitRep Services and the 811 service? (Call before you dig)

The differences are significant. The 811 service does not actually locate utilities. Instead they notify your primary public utility companies (gas, water, electric, telecom) that they need to come locate their facilities on your property. 811 requires you to call “at least a few days in advance” and does not find privately owned facilities on your site, nor other obstacles that may hinder your project. Whereas Private Utility Locating services are often available same, or next-day and can find all the utilities and other obstacles with a single call, single visit and you get to deal directly with the locator professional. While calling 811 before you dig  is the law; for more details and to find targets beyond public utilities (the scope of 811), you should seriously consider a professional underground utility locator service. 

What are some more details about 811 vs Private Utility Locating?  

     Residential: Do you have a swimming pool with supply or control lines; a septic tank, private well or spring; landscape lighting, propane tank, detached shed or deck with power, water or gas? These and many other scenarios are perfect examples of when you need more than 811 before digging anywhere on your property. Public utilities should mark their lines from your meter to the main connection point. But more than likely you are responsible for those lines after the meter as well as for anything else not owned by a public utility company as those examples listed above

     Commercial / Industrial: Depending on the size and location of your property, you property already know there is a maze of various utilities and other obstructions that keep your facility functioning. Steam plants, gas lines, electrical for parking lot lights, private communication and network chases etc. None of these things are marked by the 811 call-before-you-dig service. 

Are you available now? How far in advance do I need to schedule?

We understand that when you need professional utility locating services, you probably need it done quickly. We typically have a limited number of same-day and next-day appointments available. 

Scheduling 3-5 days ahead is great, when possible. We will always do our best to get you taken care of soon as possible or within your preferred timeframe.

*Please note that we cannot guarantee same-day or next-day availability, but we will do our best.

 Do you locate for environmental testing and coring?

Yes! We search for subsurface obstacles at your various intended core locations and indicate any potential issues including the depths of those obstacles to help you avoid costly and potentially dangerous strikes on existing utility lines.

 Are you insurred?

Yes! We maintain General Liability Insurance. A Certificate of Insurance is available upon request (customer-specific certificates may take up to 36hours to receive from our insurance provider). 

 How much do you charge?

As a small business, we are proud to offer competitive pricing for our professional services. We have a reasonable minimum service charge that depends on your location and covers up to 2 hours of on-site time. Beyond that we offer an hourly rate so you only pay for what you need. For larger projects, we offer half-day and discounted daily rates. Give us a call for all the details for your specific location!