Terms, Limitations and Release of Liability
Terms, conditions and limitations are subject to change without notice. Please review the most up-to-date information typically posted here to our website as quickly as possible and also available upon request via email office@sitrepservices.com.


SitRep Services interprets and reports the data indicated by our equipment regarding what is in the ground (or surface being evaluated). Environmental and other site or soil conditions (such as moisture and debris) will affect the accuracy and/or availability of our services. Due to potential interference from nearby objects or surfaces, we may be limited in how close to some objects we can accurately locate. If the site is littered with equipment, vehicles, or debris, the locate data may be incomplete or inaccurate. The depth and accuracy of GPR locating is also limited by the size of the items being located. For example, generally a target that is 3 feet deep must be at least 3″ in diameter to achieve accurate location.

Our clients accept responsibility for ensuring their site is safe, clear and secure both prior-to and after our locating service is complete. The client is also responsible for making any decision as-to proceeding with any cutting, digging, coring, excavation or any destructive or disruptive methods. No comments, markings or locates, whether written or verbal, made by SitRep Services team members shall constitute advice or recommendations for any actions by the client. Mechanical excavation must be avoided within 2 ft of any marked utility, until its location and depth have been visually verified by the client. SitRep Services makes no warranty nor verbal or written recommendations as to customer course of action.

SitRep project managers will convey any additional or specific concerns or limitations they experienced during the locate process at your site. Inquiries as to the quality or accuracy of our services may be directed to your project manager or the SitRep Services office using the contact information below. 

Generally, deliverables include paint and/or flags on the surface, site walkthrough (if client site contact is present), written summary of findings and photos of the markings for your records. Time on site, hourly and daily rates are per crew (single technician or project manager). Multiple crews may be assigned to some jobs. Time on site billing is multiplied by the number of crews (or technicians or project managers) on site. A 4 day quoted project may be done in 2 days with 2 crews and billed as 4 days total.

Mapping and overlays are available in .KMZ and .PDF format for an additional fee unless specified that they are included in our quote or documentation. The SitRep team can capture the information from the locating services and translate those into a map for your records or review. We use a sub-meter GPS antenna to capture the locations and create the overview for you.

By hiring SitRep Services, LLC for your private utility locating needs, you understand the limitations of site / environmental conditions and equipment and agree to unconditionally release from any and all liability SitRep Services its employees, owners, contractors and all related third parties for any and all damage, loss or negligence alleged by you, the customer, or any other party. SitRep Services, LLC is not liable for missing or inaccurate locations or marking, nor for any loss associated.

Terms, conditions and limitations are subject to change without notice. Please review the most up-to-date information available upon request via email sitrepservices@gmail.com. By authorizing work (whether verbal or written) you are stating that you have the authority to authorize the described work on behalf of the listed client for the amounts described above and are authorized to unconditionally agree to the terms described herein.

A minimum service call charge applies. This minimum charge will be incurred each time a service is schedule if it is not confirmed cancelled with at least 24hours notice by email, text or phone call. Additional charges may be incurred depending on location and length of project and such charges will be discussed before scheduling. Changes to scope of work after a quote or estimate has been provided by SitRep (verbally or in writing) will incur additional costs. 

Generally, services calls equal to or less than $600 must be paid at the time of service by cash, check or credit/debit card. Service calls over $600 may be invoiced with payment due no more than 30 calendar days from the date invoiced. A late fee of 1.5% of the outstanding balance will be assessed the day after the indicated due date and every 30 days thereafter until payment in full is received. A fee will be incurred for returned items and repayment must be made immediately by cash or credit/debit card. SitRep Services, LLC may require upfront payment for all services at our own discretion.

Safety and Client Satisfaction are our primary goals. We work hard to provide the best service at the best prices with the best results for you, our clients. Occasionally, due to limitations of technology, site conditions, soil condition, interference, or the size or depth of targets the data may be less precise than we’d expect. When this occurs, we notify you, our client (usually the on-site contact) verbally and/or in writing of potential issues or areas of concern.  Should a project require a revisit by SitRep to your job site, you must not assume any area is completed until specifically identified or communicated to the client by SitRep. When you are expecting SitRep to come on-site, invasive work should be avoided until the SitRep team member has finished their locating process. 


Industry Standard: Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is widely used in the private utility location industry due to its ability to image underground targets. Target reflections form arch-like shapes that are easily identifiable by trained technicians. The technician associates the shape with a specific point on the ground. This is done through the use of a distance tracking wheel built into the GPR system by the manufacturer. A mark is made by the technician based on this shape and positioning wheel. This can be a paint mark and/or a flag. With many paint marks made, the underground utility can be located and thus non-destructively designated. Depths are determined by where the target shape is detailed on the controller screen in relation to a scale on the screen provided by the GPR manufacturer.  Scan results are collected by moving the antenna and control unit over the area of suspected subsurface targets. As the antenna is passed over the ground or concrete, the target shape builds on the controller screen. When a target is displayed on the screen, it is marked by the field technician. This process continues in a systematic fashion until all of the area to be scanned is passed over in multiple directions. GPR has many advantages; it can detect both metallic and non-metallic objects in the ground and in concrete. It also can image previously disturbed soils, thus detecting past excavations. Conditions specific to a particular site may impact target delineation thus reported results may be poor. 

Current Equipment:
GSSI UtilityScan – Max Depth 35ft. with antenna frequency of 350mhz using state-of-the-art Hyperstacking Technology – Objects including curbs, landscaping, and vegetation will limit the feasibility of GPR. The radar data from the antenna is displayed on a digital screen also mounted to the cart and is used by the operators to mark locations and depths on the ground with paint and/or flags. In real world application, the depth can vary widely depending on the type and condition of the surface and layers of soil or material above the target. Some soil types and conditions will limit maximum depths of GPR data significantly. As depth increases, target size must also increase in order to be detected. Non-metallic targets can also be difficult to locate. Depths provided should always be treated as estimates as their accuracy can be affected by multiple factors. 

GSSI StructureScan Mini XT – Max Depth 20in. for concrete with antenna frequency of 2700mhz –  This handheld device requires reasonably smooth, unobstructed surface for scanning and is not able to be used close to objects or barriers including  as walls or metal material. The radar from the antenna is displayed on a screen on the device and indicates where the operator should mark the location of a target on the surface. The total depth achieved can be as much as 20”  and can vary widely depending on the types of materials being scanned through and other factors such as the spacing of the reinforcing. Depth accuracy depends on the ability to obtain an accurate depth calibration for the concrete.

Radiodetection RD8100 PDXL Cable and Pipe Locator. With four modes of operation, the electromagnetic locator can trace various underground utilities. The EM locator can passively detect the signals from live AC power or radio signals travelling along some conductive utilities. It can also be used in conjunction with a transmitter to connect directly to accessible, metallic pipes, risers, or tracer wires. A current is sent through the pipe or tracer wire at a specific frequency and the resulting signal can then be detected by the receiver. A utility’s ability to be located depends on a variety of factors including access to the utility, conductivity, grounding, interference from other utilities, and many others. The EM (RD) unit responds audibly and visibly to these signals alerting the operator to mark the target on the surface with paint and/or flags.

Geode GPS Locator. This handheld GPS unit offers accuracy down to 4 inches in perfect conditions. However, the accuracy achieved will depend on the satellite environment at the time of collection and will be limited by a number of factors. Maps, graphics, images, overlays and CAD deliverables should not be considered “survey-grade”. Any deliverable including mapped data is a representation of the findings (from locating methods described above).


Availability – All services are limited by location and the availability of our team. While we strive to meet your scheduling needs, we cannot guarantee same or even next-day service will be available for your requested time and location.

Pricing – Pricing is always dependent on your site location, our availability, time on-site and other possible costs such as materials, travel, etc.

Weekends & Holidays (Saturday / Sunday / Holidays) may or may not be available. Weekend/Holiday work is generally considered for ’emergencies’ and will therefore incur additional fees, if a team member is available and willing to work on these days.

Changes to scope of work after a quote or estimate has been provided by SitRep (verbally or in writing) will incur additional costs. 


Date Updated: 1/12/2023. This version supersedes all previous versions