Terms, Limitations and Release of Liability

Terms, conditions and limitations are subject to change without notice. Please review the most up-to-date information typically posted to our website as quickly as possible and also available upon request via email sitrepservices@gmail.com.

By authorizing our work you are agreeing that you have the authority to authorize the described work at the described location on behalf of yourself, your company and your client for the amounts quoted or applicable hourly rates and other related fees. Furthermore, you (as an authorized representative of yourself, your company and your client) unconditionally agree to the terms described herein.

Environmental and other site or soil conditions (such as moisture) will affect the accuracy of our location services.

Additionally, due to potential interference from nearby objects or surfaces, we may be limited in how close to some above-ground objects we can accurately locate.

The possible depth and accuracy of GPR locating is also limited by the size of the items being located. For instance, a pipe that is 3 feet deep must be at least 3′′ in diameter to achieve accurate location.

By hiring SitRep Services, LLC for your locating needs, you understand the limitations of site / environmental conditions and GPR equipment and agree to unconditionally release from any and all liability SitRep Services its employees, owners, contractors and all related third parties for any and all damage, loss or negligence alleged by you, the customer, or any other party. SitRep Services, LLC will not be liable for missing or inaccurate locations or marking.

You as the client are responsible for ensuring each scanning site is safe, clear, clean and secure both prior to, during and after locating is complete. You as the client are also responsible for making any decision as to proceeding with any cutting, digging, coring or excavation.

No comments, markings or locates, whether written or verbal, made by SitRep Services team members shall constitute advice, instruction or recommendations for your actions on your site. SitRep Services makes no warranty nor verbal or written recommendations. At this time, SitRep Services, LLC does not provide post-process mapping and information services. The law may require you to call your area’s version of 811 before starting your project to have public utility companies mark their facilities on your job site.

A minimum service call charge applies. This minimum charge will be incurred each time a service is schedule. Cancellations must occur with at least 24hours notice by email, text or phone call and confirmed by response from a SitRep team member. Should you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, the minimum service charge will apply along with applicable fees including but not limited to location, travel, equipment expenses etc.

Additional charges may be incurred depending on location and length of project and such charges will be discussed before scheduling.

Generally, services calls less than or equal to $1,500 must be paid at the time of service by cash, check or credit/debit card.

Service calls over $1,500 may be invoiced with payment due no more than 30 calendar days from the date invoiced.

A late fee will be incurred for payments received after their due date. A fee will be incurred for returned items and repayment must be made immediately by cash or credit/debit card. SitRep Services, LLC may require upfront payment for all services at our own discretion.

Current Equipment:
GSSI UtilityScan – Max Depth 35ft. with antenna frequency of 350mhz using state-of-the-art Hyperstacking Technology

GSSI StructureScan Mini XT – Max Depth 20in. for concrete with antenna frequency of 2700mhz

Radiodetection RD8000 PXL Cable and Pipe Locator

Date Updated: 7/23/2019. This version supersedes all previous versions

Online booking: We are happy to offer the option for our clients to book our services online. We use Square Appointments and are limited to the options available by the appointment software. When you request an appointment online, our staff will quickly confirm, alter or decline the appointment based on availability. We always work to find a time that meets your needs but an online appointment does not guarantee availability until our staff confirms the appointment. Additionally, online appointments require a credit card to hold the time slot. A cancellation (on your part) or no-show fee will be charged in the amount of at least $200 if you fail to provide adequate cancellation or rescheduling notice of at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time. Additionally, appointments are approximations of our arrival and will depend on the completion of previous jobs. Our staff will contact you if arrival will differ more than 30 minutes from the scheduled appointment time. If the times available through this online system do not match our requirements, just give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Distance, traffic and other variables may affect arrival times and we will work to communicate as clearly as possible should any unexpected situations arise.

Availability – All services are limited by location and the availability of our team. While we strive to meet your scheduling needs, we cannot guarantee same or even next-day service will be available for your requested time and location.

Pricing – Pricing is always dependent on your site location, our availability, time on-site and other possible costs such as materials, travel, etc.

Weekends & Holidays (Saturday / Sunday / Holidays) may or may not be available. Weekend/Holiday work is generally considered for ’emergencies’ and will therefore incur additional fees, if a team member is available and willing to work on these days.