Utility Locating Adamsville, GA

Utility Locating Adamsville, GA

The Atlanta metro area is growing quickly, including the neighborhood of Adamsville. Living in the area offers residents a unique urban feel while having the density of the suburbs. 

Looking to build, renovate, or do anything that involves digging in Adamsville GA? Have you considered what is happening below the ground? You need to know what is going on underground before you break ground. Sadly, calling 811 may not be sufficient, and leave you with a mess of cables, and plenty of fines to cover the replacement of them. 

Utility Locating in Adamsville – Atlanta GA

Prior to breaking ground for a home or business project in Adamsville,  it is important to do your due diligence by locating any utilities beforehand. SitRep Services provides accurate solutions for private utility locating, ground penetrating radar, concrete scanning, ground fault locating, and more. 

Digging Safely in Adamsville – Atlanta GA

SitRep Private Utility/UST Locating Services uses cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art ground-penetrating radar to help clients discover utilities and other things that may be below the ground. The depth of your barriers may also be estimated using GPR, which is not achievable with radio detection.

Choosing SitRep Services for Your Utility Locating in Adamsville

At the end of the day, we all know how disastrous crossing an underground electrical or gas line can be. Not only can it prove costly, but in some cases can be highly dangerous. Just imagine a gas line being hit by an excavator. This can all be prevented by calling SitRep Services. 

The 811 services alert public utilities to identify their service lines from “meter to main,” but you’ll likely need more information to complete your work correctly.

Understanding what is beneath the ground is essential before beginning any project, whether it is the construction of a shopping center, the expansion of your company’s campus, the addition of a structure, the erection of a fence, or anything else.

Accidental contact with a subsurface item, such as a cable, wire, or water main, can cause expensive and time-consuming delays, frequently causing your entire project to be delayed.

Don’t put your safety on the line, or create potential delays in your upcoming projects and reach out to SitRep Services. We are the go-to resource for utility finding across Atlanta, and even into Birmingham, Greenville SC, and parts of Tennesee. We respond quickly, frequently within one to three days, inside Atlanta and the surrounding suburbs. To schedule your scan, please get in touch with us today.